Social Media

Okay, you might wonder why I would blog about social media when this is a professional photography website.  Well, I was reading an article this week and it struck me that this is the exact type of article I should tell my clients and others about.  Check out this very interesting and to some degree, very scary article from Forbes about what the Federal Trade Commission did last week.

Now that you read the article and are thoroughly depressed, one of the things you need to think about is that permanent and lasting first impression you make…and that includes your presence on websites and social media sites like Facebook and Linked In.

You know where I am going with this.  If  it’s time for a professional head shot for you and/or your other employees, please let me know.  Remember, I bring the “studio” to your office or home.  You get images in color and black and white and can use them as long as you like.  To see some of the work I have done with head shots, just click on this link to my my portfolio page

So what’s the answer?  Well, no need to stop using social media sites.  Just be careful with the pictures you post and think before you wink!